Abonos Superior is capable of producing formulated products from technical products, to be used in the agriculture and livestock sector. The installed capacity allows us to manufacture liquid products such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and foliar fertilizers.

A large part of the built area includes a formulation, repacking and repackaging plant, a quality control laboratory, storage areas, a liquid-waste treatment and environmental control plant. Quality control for raw materials, formulations and finished products is carried out by means of modern control equipment that includes liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, UV-Visible spectrometry, pH meter, conductivity meter and auxiliary equipment.

We have modern equipment for carrying out such processes, which allows us to manufacture the following formulations:

CS (Concentrated Suspensions)

This consists of a solid that is finely divided and suspended in a solvent (water) by thickeners, emulsifiers and dispersion agents. This active ingredient is barely soluble or not soluble in water.

EC (Emulsifiable Concentrates)

These conventionally contain an active ingredient, one or more tensioactives that act as emulsifiers, and a dissolvent that is immiscible with water. These dissolvents have very low solubilities and are capable of dissolving a wide range of active ingredients.

SL (Soluble Liquids)

In these formulations, the active ingredient is present as water-soluble salts. They contain conditioners and coadjuvants that increase safety when applying the product.

Solid Foliar Fertilizers

These are solid substances for soil or leaf application whose function is to correct nutritional deficiencies in the plants.