Maquila service

Repacking, repackaging and formulation (a process of transformation of raw materials into a finished product) services are provided at the plant in La Lima for any company or business that requires such services.

A large part of the built area is a formulation, repacking and repackaging plant, a quality control laboratory, storage areas, a liquid-waste treatment and environmental control plant. Quality control for raw materials, formulations and finished products is carried out by means of modern control equipment that includes liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, UV-Visible spectrometry, pH meter, conductivity meter and auxiliary equipment.

Additionally, physical quality tests are performed, such as: pH, suspensibility and wettability, emulsion stability, solution stability, appearance, density, viscosity, particle size and foam persistence, and chemical quality tests to verify the emulsion stability, solution stability, active ingredient concentration and pH.

As a complement to the maquila service, we offer logistic services that include storage, management of materials, inventory control and distribution.